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A version of my 2009 macOS screensaver for the Playdate handheld.

Inspired by On Kawara's "Today Series". A body of more than 2000 paintings, each consisting of a monochrome background onto which is inscribed the date of the day on which the individual painting is executed, in the language and according to the calendrical conventions of the country in which Kawara was present when he began it.

User settings

  •  Display (AUTO, light, dark)
    • auto switches to dark at 6PM and light at 6AM
  • Format (YEAR, minute, second, day)
    • MAR.9,2022
    • 13:37
    • 13:37:11
    • WED.9.MAR


  • D-pad
    • to change display setting
  • A/B
    • to change format setting
  • Menu
    • to change both settings


Buy Now$2.50 USD or more

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Version 1.0 (20220309) 18 kB


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i like the font! did you make it?

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Yes, and no. The font is a well known one called Avant Garde. Back in 2009 I searched for a version of it that was most like the font painted in the Today series. I think I found it on an old Corel Xara font CD. I converted that to a subset because I only needed certain characters. This year, for Playdate, I converted my old font to bitmap. So, it’s complicated :)

undestood! for now i’m just sticking to the fonts in the sdk resources but it would be nice to have more options. i’ll have to learn about converting arbitrary fonts to work nicely in the playdate :)

Cool idea! I’ll get it as soon as I receive my Playdate :)