Example: Custom Deck

  • Decks are plain text
  • One line per card
  • Place them in a folder on your Playdate at com.gingerbeardman.strategies/decks


  1. first line is Title card
  2. second line is font definition
  3. subsequent lines are the main cards
Today, we're introducing\three revolutionary products.
The first one is\a handheld gaming console\with crank controls.
The second is\a mini computer\that can run apps.
And the third is\a breakthrough\presentation device.
So, three things:\- a gaming console\- a mini computer\- a presentation device
A gaming console,\a mini computer,\and a presentation device.
A gaming console,\a mini computer\...are you getting it?
These are not\nthree separate devices.
This is one device.
And we call it...
Strategies for Playdate\is going to reinvent\the flash card app!

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