New prototype "Zen"



For some reason I felt the need to make this weird “zen garden” sand moving thing for Playdate.

Only pixels under the cursor are processed: they are temporarily activated as sprites and then baked into the background and destroyed when they go out of range.

This will probably end up as another unfinished prototype. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


  • A/B to rake in direction of crank
  • D-pad to move cursor without raking


  • Multiple cursors in a line (to simulate the prongs of a rake)
  • Show rake head and handle on screen
  • D-pad up/down to raise/lower rake
  • D-pad left/right to move rake head and do wavy lines
  • Different backgrounds
  • Different sized rakes
  • Rocks
  • Moai

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7 days ago

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