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Crank controlled arcade high score chaser.

Mind the gap.


  • Crank to change angle
  • Aim for the gap


  • Current score (top left)
  • Multiplier (top middle)
  • Highest score (top right)
  • Player (centre)
  • Remaining lives (bottom middle)


  • Can you score 1 million points?
  • Can you clear 100 circles?


  • Circles speed up gradually
  • Level-up every 5 circles
    • Required accuracy increases!
  • Extra life every 10 gaps
    • Crashes not included!
  • Deep scoring mechanism
    • Bonus × Combo Multiplier
    • But ...what Bonus?

Easy Mode

  • 20% slower
  • Aiming guide
  • Easy banner
  • No hi-score for you!

Zen Mode

  • Disables screen flash and text display
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(4 total ratings)
TagsArcade, crank, Playdate, reflex, skill


Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

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Very addictive and perfectly realised with the crank. Amazing job! My only quibble is that I wish it had music, but it's a game I go back to often. 

My worry is the music will get repetitive. I’ll consider it! Thanks for playing and for commenting.

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This game is hypnotizing!  It is amazing -- it is everything!  Worth every penny!!!  IMO it is in the top 3 sideloaded games you can own on PlayDate!

Thanks so much! I’d love to know your high score.

What are your other favourite Playdate games?

370,500 but I'm still getting better!  

I love Crunky, A Joke That Costs 99 cents and Crankins Time Travel Adventure!!


I really like your consistent visual design across the different titles you offer! Fingers crossed for a 1-file download containing all these little personal jam games :)

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Thanks! The consistent design is purely a time saving measure. There are also a few shared functions, but otherwise the games are totally different beasts. I’m still learning new approaches.

The long term goal is to have my own API that I can quickly use to write arcade games, inspired by ABA games’ crisp-game-lib. But I have a long way to go!

My games will always be released as separate games so I can make a living and keep doing this full-time.

Circular is out now! Priced for maximum joy. Have fun!


This looks really good

Oh, I love Super Hexagon! 


I know of it only from videos, so I guess I should really play it!

Terry Cavanaugh is a brilliant game designer. BTW, did you pull your game? I dont see it on the site anymore.

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It’s yet to be released. Will be uploaded soon. (This page was created with a buggy unfinished version when I got ahead of myself.)


Circular is out now!