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I put together a little music file browser to enable me to audition music and sound effects on the device, to make sure the volume levels and looping was correct. Some time later I added support for animations (Animated .GIF or .PDT image tables) and static images (.PNG or .PDI).

Since then this little app has taken on a life of its own and is being used as a portable music player. I may have accidentally reinvented the iPod!

usage (easy)

  1. install audition.pdx
  2. run the Audition app to create default settings
  3. put the Playdate into Data Disk mode
  4. locate Data/*.audition folder
  5. place your compatible files as follows:
    • .MP3 or .PDA in Music
    • .PDT in Animations
    • .PDI in Images
  6. unmount/eject the PLAYDATE disk
  7. run the Audition app again to see your new files


  • Up/Down = prev/next
  • Left/Right = seek backward/forward
  • A = play
  • B = stop
  • Menu = pause
  • Crank = scroll list

menu options

  • seek speed (1,2,3,4,5) [music only]
  • auto next (Y/n)
  • loop play (Y/n)


  • key repeat on up/down/left/right
  • currently playing song is marked with # and (MM:SS) time remaining, not in bold
  • playback position shown as a progress bar along the bottom of the screen
  • auto next independent of selected row
  • files sorted case-insensitive alphabetical
  • device auto lock disabled only when music is playing
  • settings saved to persist between launches
  • support for animations
    • plays at fixed frame rate
    • left/right to strep frames manually
    • up/down for prev/next file
  • support for static images
    • up/down for prev/next file

adding files by building the app from source (advanced)

Compatible file types (.MP3 and .WAV audio, animated .GIF, .PNG images) can be put inside the app using the same folder names as above, and then when it is built from source code they will be included.


  • better crank scrolling!
  • folder support?


Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

In order to download this tool you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $5 USD. You will get access to the following files:

20220510-audition.pdx.zip 39 kB

Download demo

20220510-audition.source.zip 7 kB

Development log


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Hi - would I be able to use this tool to convert wav audio to pda ? Thanks !

No, for that you need to use “pdc” that comes with the Playdate SDK.


Thanks !


This is so neat, thanks for making it!

Some feedback, which you may already be aware of: seems to crash my playdate when a song ends, presumably when trying to auto-play the next track.

Also, I’ll just throw in and say folder support would be awesome! 😁

Thanks! The crash is an SDK bug with certain audio files, hopefully the fix will come soon. A workaround might be to re-save or re-encode the file but it’s not ideal.


Can you please show some more screenshots of this in action, especially how the image viewer works.  Also, what formats can it open?  JPEG?  GIF?  TIFF? PNG?  Thanks!

(2 edits)

Hi. It shows only compatible Playdate image formats: compiled PDI and PDT, and Animated GIF.

The image is simply displayed on screen. There is no user interface visible when viewing images or animations. I’ll add a video of it running soon.

Thank you for replying.  Can it display static GIF images in the Images folder, or only animated GIF images in the Animations folder?

It’s limitations and capabilities are inherited from the Playdate SDK. So, only animated GIF in the Animations folder.

You description says "

  • still images or .PDI compiled images in Images/

What's the "still images" then?

(1 edit)

Still images are your pre-compiled choices, which are turned into PDI by the compiler. Which image format depends on whether you’re compiling them into the app or putting them into the Data folder.

I’ll try to make the text clearer.