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This was the first game I made for Playdate. 

It's a "made-from-memory" version of a game I wrote for my brother to play on his Psion Series 3a back in the early 1990s.

With this version I locked-heads with Lua, grappled with game states, tussled with text drawing, and swooned over the Sprite system. 

For the above reasons the code for this game is absolutely horrendous ...but we all have to start somewhere! 


A to start race


Buy Now$2.50 USD or more

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This is weirdly my favourite thing on the playdate so far. I like to run up to people and shout at them to pick a number between 1-7, and then commentate their folly :}

Thats said! It could be improved if the race track scrolled so it went on a little longer (or maybe you could pick the overall speed so its slower); Id also make the first press of A reset the race, and then a second press actually start the race; sound effects would be cool too!

I swear I did that A press change, I’ll have to check. And I’ll try to add some sounds and stuff soon. Why not, right?


I got it! Let the crank control the horses! So as you turn the crank the horses move forward!

Do you mind going over how the game is controlled? It looks very cool and chill.

You press A and that’s it!