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One button arcade high score chaser.

Hit the target angle, repeatedly.


  • Hold any button to change angle
  • Target angle is 90 degrees
  • Remaining lives are displayed along the bottom
  • Current score top left
  • Highest score top right
  • Each bend is greeted with a suitable toast

Increasing Difficulty

  • Bending speed based on bar size
  • Numeric angle will disappear as you continue
  • If you continue to do well, the bar will change!

Easy Mode

  • 20% slower
  • Easy banner
  • Bar size indicator
  • No hi-score for you!

Visual Effects (not shown in images)

  • Explosion and screen flash snap animation
  • Motion Blur of line movement

Zen Mode

  • Disables toast words and visual effects
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TagsArcade, Clicker, one-button, Playdate, reflex


Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

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Here is my review of Bender. What a fun game!

I have run into a situation a few times where i am holding a button down, and it doesn't seem to matter which one, and without me letting go, the bar will break one or two time and wipe out my game.

I fixed a similar problem in Circular recently. I’ll release an update to this very soon. I’m moving office this week but will try to squeeze it in.


Your game starts at 3:27. The concept of this is really great but I got to say: I don't know how I got the ones I did haha. It's like my brain knew when to release when my eyes didn't. Was fun messing with this to figure out and get in the groove of playing. Rad!
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Thanks for featuring Bender!

Playing the game is effectively training your muscle memory. You will get better with time as you begin to recognise the 6 different thicknesses and are able to adjust your timing.

I find it does somehow tap into the subconscious. Wild! Have fun.


This is great for a few minutes of play while my coffee brews!  However, I feel cheated as the very first level on the game over screen starts with an unknown thickness target.  It's only the 2nd chance do I get a preview of the target.  

Deleted 1 year ago
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That’s a good point. I’ll fix that soon.

Edit: the latest version features an improved game start flow, and some other minor changes: https://gingerbeardman.itch.io/bender-for-playdate/devlog/385195/version-40

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Thanks!  One other thing.  I noticed that sometimes when I’m on a streak of 2 or 3 successful points, the counter will disappear. Is this intentional?  It makes the game much more difficult. 

Edit:  I take it back. Watching the bar instead of the counter seems to be the way to go.  

It is intentional! To prevent runaway scores I hide the counter at 5 lives and start to fade the bar away after 7. I’m not sure these are great ideas but that’s how I designed the original version 10 years ago. Have fun!

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Really cool idea! One more I have to put on the list for when I finally get the device :)